Mr. R and Mr. B


I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board and clear the roster. Hmmm Mr. B I basically asked him what he was really tryna do because when we first started talking he said he needed a consistent woman in his life now I have attempted to give him that but don’t feel like it’s been received or reciprocated. I just don’t get it. I’m very to the point and straight forward so I clearly asked am I wasting my time or nah and it’s weird because if I like a guy It takes so much for me to just stop trying and I feel super crazy like what if he has real reasons why he’s distant but then what if he doesn’t and I just look stupid out here being wifey material and single as hell with no prospects. The one I want never gives me what I want which leads me to Mr. R aka Mr. No Car bka Mr. No House, of course this the one that want to text good morning tryna see me ect, but I’m just not feelin his situation. Plus he got mad just because on his off day I wouldn’t come see him. Um excuse me just because you off I worked all day and I don’t have to run to come see you. If you had a car maybe you could come see me after I’ve had a very long day and then you kinda throw a tantrum and basically hang up on me No Sir. I see bad signs already. Why can’t Mr. B just take me seriously?

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