Self Esteem


So I’m pretty much down today. Friday night single, no kids you would think I’d be on a date or something right… nope Mr.B has stopped responding and I stopped acknowledging Mr. R’s existence. I just don’t get what’s wrong with me that the guys that shoe me interest suck at life and the ones with any kind of potential don’t see me how I see them. I have to wonder if I’m worthy, am I not as attractive as I sometimes tell myself I am, does my personality suck? I wonder if it’s my looks, the fact that i have some scars I can’t get rid of despite trying my hardest. Is it because I have a little chub, my boobs aren’t perfect? I just think all these things and beat myself with them. On the outside however most days I can pretend that I’m funny, think I’m beautiful, have so much confidence and this high self esteem. I try not to display that side of me to guys you know show my insecurities at least I don’t think I Do? Is it something guys sense? Right now I just think I’m not enough and it’s so intense the difference in how I feel from one moment to the next. I just feel rejected and depressed at the moment like i don’t want to try because I know how it ends up well good night loves I guess I’ll go play in POF for entertainment since my phone is dry and so is my Fri night right along with my vagina 🤷‍♀️

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