When do you tell?


Today I want to talk about the struggle of when is the right time to talk about your anxiety. Of course you’re not going to start off telling someone you’re crazy. The question still remains. When is the right time to tell someone that you suffer from anxiety? While I accept my anxiety it’s hard to determine if that other person is going to accept it. Some people will automatically assume your a problem to date. It’ll take someone special to deal with the panic attacks, sleepless nights, thoughts that have no validation. Should you wait until you have a panic attack? Do you just sit down and have a conversation and try to get them to understand? Then there’s the anxiety that comes from wanting to talk but being afraid then you think well this is me this is a part of who I am I should be able to show the real me. If this person is really into me they’ll accept all parts of me even this thing that I have no control over. There’s so much negativity around it you feel like it’s going to be a major issue. You don’t want someone judging you or someone who can’t understand what you’re going through. Definitely wouldn’t recommend dating someone who also had anxiety because while they can understand are you really going to be going through the same thing at the same time. How can two crazies make it together? The question is still When do you tell? At what stage does it become okay?

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