The one you really want


So my delima I completely cut ties with Mr. R … Mr. B is still in the background we cool I just wish it was more and I don’t get what’s wrong with me that the person I fall for never is interested in me the same way. It’s crazy when we were talking regularly we made each other laugh so much and when we cuddled it was amazing it felt good. The sex was banging he made my legs shake made me want more. His size his physical presence made my juices flow. It’s crazy because he said he was looking for a consistent woman and I’ve tried to give him that. I met another guy on POF we’ll call him Mr. C he’s cool but I don’t think I’m physically attracted we have cool convo and we haven’t met yet but from pics and the vibe I get I only get the friend vibe from him. Wtf is wrong with me I’m drowning every day I feel like is wasted all the girls I work with are younger than me but either in long term relationships, married or engaged…. So how is it I can’t find someone who wants me?

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