Let’s talk about POF for those who don’t know that’s Plenty Of Fish. While they are definitely plentiful I have found it to be a matter of quantity vs quality. First of all I find most of these guys profiles to be something they made when they first signed up many moons ago and have not updated. I have been what I would call selective about who I choose to respond to it still seems to turn out bad smh. I don’t respond to people whose profile has no picture (typically), people who say here for casual dating or anything similar, guys who start with key terms (like sexy). I have other specifications but I won’t go into them unless asked. Majority of the time I have come across men whose profile says looking for a relationship yet when you start talking to them nothing they say eludes to the fact of wanting that. I have become a little cynical about the whole thing. In my mind “I want to get to know you and see where things go” now means I want to fuck you but I’ll give you the false hope that one day I may want more. Listen with my anxiety that’s not cool. We can talk and vibe and have everything in common I start liking you and think there is a possibility of it going somewhere. When you start talking and then you realize the profile is old because now he going through stuff, he lost his car, his job blah blah blah. I’ve been there done that stuck by a dude side when he had nothing only to get nothing when he came up.  I can’t down anyone but come on fix you first. I’m not perfect, but I’m not going to start out making my problems your problems.  Anyway I have so much to share lol but this post is long enough until next time XOXO

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