Current Situation


Look I could write a book on all this lol so I will never lack content. So look current situation. I’m sort of talking to to 2 guys we’ll call them Mr. R and Mr. B I met both on POF. I met Mr. B first so we’ll talk about him first interestingly enough we went to the same high school but never talked he was a senior I was a lowly freshman so needless to say our paths never crossed. I came across his profile broke one of my main rules and responded so we ended up talking, vibed really well he has his own everything and a good career. We met yes we hooked up I know dumb move but hey he did it for me and we talked about of course “letting thing take its course” but all of a sudden now we barely talked and we def have slept together more than once and he still text me just says he passin out soon as he get home having to be at work at 4 am and I’m trying to be understanding but my anxiety says ” He doesn’t want you, If he did he would find time, He checks his ig , You did something to turn him off, There’s someone prettier” but when I do see him his smile lights up. When he does text me he calls me babe. I just can’t figure out the signals like are we ever really going to get to date or you just trying to keep me on a string. Aye Dios Mios Its all a mess and Miss Anxiety kicks in a soon as somebody change they behavior in the slightest. I’m afraid to put down my foot because I like him and what if it really is just what he says and I let my crazy mess it up?…..Mr. R you will get to know tomorrow XOXO

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